Univ. degli Studi di BARI ALDO MORO

P.zza Umberto I, 1 Palazzo Ateneo – BARI (BA)

Maria Concetta De Pinto – Associated investigator

email: mariaconcetta.depinto@uniba.it

Maria Concetta de Pinto has extensive experience in plant physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Her research activity is focused on the role of cellular redox regulation both in plant development and in plant response to environmental stress. In particular she has focused her studies on: 1) Plant responses to oxidative stress induced by biotic or abiotic factors; 2) Redox regulation in plant development 3) Involvement of antioxidant systems in plant programmed cell death. 4) Ascorbate metabolism in plants; 5) Role of cyclic nucleotides in plant signal transduction.